Does Vaping Leave A Smell on Clothes? How to Get Rid of It?

Vaping spreads less odor than cigarettes. In the process of vaping, there is nothing that burns.

That is why the vape smell doesn’t last long. If you smoke vape in a poorly ventilated room the smell will linger. You will smell the flavor you vaped for a while. The vaping smells usually don’t stick with clothes. But if you smoke vape constantly, the smell can stick to your clothes.

If the case is so, you can remove the vape smell using baking soda or steaming the clothes. There are a few more ways to easily eliminate lingering vapor odor from the clothes.

Does Vaping Leave A Smell on Clothes?

We will be discussing the smell effects of vaping, why vaping can produce odors, and the complete vapor smell removal procedure.

Cigarettes or Vape: Who Is the Best Stinker?

Undoubtedly cigarettes win the battle. If you are or were a smoker you know smoking cigarettes creates odors that linger around for a long period of time. Cigarette smells can be found in a room after 3 hours since burned. They will also cause your breath to smell bad. But the vapor smell doesn’t cling around for long. The flavor you used will be the scent of it.

As soon as you finished vaping the vapor will pass through quickly because they are lighter. This will not cause any stains on your wall or any odor in your clothes. But if you continue smoking vape, the vapor can’t leave the room as there is no way your clothes can smell.

Reasons Behind the Odor of Vape

1. Coil Burn

The coil of your vape should be changed regularly and you must soak the wicks before every hit. Otherwise, you will burn it earlier than you expected. The burnt coil will create a nasty smell and they tend to hang around for longer periods.

2. Juice

Odds are you most likely vape at home and occupy the room with an obscurity of fumes, this will all scatter and the smell will be gone in only several minutes. Envision doing that with ciggies. The smell would stick to the draperies, the rug, and in the middle between. Fume is less thick than tobacco smoke so as long as the area is ventilated, everything looks great with the haze and the smell getting away totally.

The vast majority of the time the fume will possess an aroma of flavor. More often than not however the smell is really welcoming. A smell is sufficiently pleasant to eat or causes you to need some pudding.

How to Get the Vape Smell Out of Clothing?

There are a few effective ways to remove the vapor smell from your clothes. Here is a list of them:

1. Vinegar

If your clothes smell kike vapor you can try vinegar to remove the vape smell. Mix ½ cup of vinegar in 1gallon water and then soak the garments in the solution for 2 hours. Then give it a regular wash.

2. Wash in the machine

You can just throw your clothes in the washing machine with liquid laundry soap. Then you have to run a regular wash cycle on the washer and then dry it in the dryer. But air drying will give you a better experience.

3. Deodorant

You can just hang your clothes in a well-ventilated place and spray deodorant all over them evenly. Otherwise, you can mix some deodorant with water and vinegar. Then spray the solution all over your garments and let it dry to have vapor smell-free clothes.

4. Steam

You have to make a 3:1 solution of distilled water and rubbing alcohol. Heat up the solution till it starts to vaporize. The garment should be placed over the face to f the pot. Remember to cover the whole garment when you are steaming it. The hot steam will disinfect your clothe and remove all the odors.

5. Baking Soda

If your only dry-cleaning apparel is infected with the vape smell you can use baking soda to remove the vape smell. You have to take a larger zipper and put 1/2 cup of baking soda in it. Then place the garment in the zipper and close the face.

Now shake the zipper to mix the baking soda with it and let it sit on overnight. Then put it out, tumble dry the cloth, and have fresh vape smell-free shirts.

6. Air dry

Yes, a perfect air dry will do the task for you. If you are trying to remove the vape smell in the easiest way you can just hand your clothes on the hanger outside of your house. If possible, hand them under direct sunlight and keep 3-4 hours. This will give your clothing a fresh smell.

Final Words

Yes, the vape smell doesn’t stick with clothes but a suffocating room can lead you to have this problem. Normally the vape smell is sweet but you might hate them to have on your clothes.

To avoid this, you can take the steps described in the article. If you already have a vape smell on your clothes, don’t worry; you know how to remove the vape smell from your clothes easily. Enjoy kicking the smells out and enjoy cleaning them!

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