Does Poop Smell Stick to Clothes

Poop cleaning on the washing day can be harsh for you. But what if you just washed and didn’t remove the poop smell from your clothes?

Yes, poop smell sticks to clothes and it can be a challenging job if you don’t know exactly what you will need and how to wash poop out of clothes ideally. Human poop contains higher amounts of bacteria.

Bacteria can create the worst smell. You will need vinegar, soda, or potty smell remover available around you to remove the poop smell from your clothes. With the remedies, a perfect cold-water wash cycle will clean all the poop smell staying on your garments.

Does Poop Smell Stick to Clothes

If you already had something like a poop problem you don’t need to worry because, in this article, we are going to take you through a certain washing procedure for cleaning poop stains and the smell of your clothes.

Why Is Hot Water Avoided for Cleaning Poop Smell?

Some might suggest you use hot water to clean potty and pee stains. Hot water can set any stain permanently on your clothes if the stain doesn’t come off by washing. Urine and human-digested waste are protein based.

You can use remedies like baking soda, vinegar, or enzyme-based laundry detergents to clean any poop or pee stains left on your shirt. But applying any kind of heat will set the stain as well as the poop smell forever on your clothing. Removing the poop smell with cold water will be a wiser thing to do.

Remedies for Poop Odor Removing 

There are plenty of agents for cleaning poop smell out of clothing but here we will be naming the best 3 for this operation. You can pick either one of them.

1. Vinegar

Vinegar is the most complete natural remedy for any kind of stain. Just soak the stained area of your clothes in the vinegar solution and it is most likely to break the stain.

If you have tried to wash your baby’s clothes for removing poop stains and failed you must try vinegar. It will give them the most possible chance of being successful.

2. Baking Soda

For cleaning odors and protein-based stains baking soda is another useful stain remover. The sodium-based remedy will react with the stains and kick them out. You can add baking soda, and liquid laundry detergent solution to pretreat the pee stain.

However, you can use any cloth to rub it out. Rubbing will only increase the problem for you as it can make the stain grow around. Just soak the stain and then wash them off.

3. Enzyme-based detergent

Enzyme-based detergent is generally mild in nature but exceptional for cleaning poop and pee stains. You can also find them in a variety of flavors as your clothes will smell like them.

If you are thinking about what you should use to have free clothes you can try them. They can clean the stains and leave sweet lest odors. This will remove the poop smell from your clothing.

Washing Procedure to Remove Poop Smell

Washing poop out of clothing is not a hard job but removing the smell can be tricky. You can accomplish the mission only if you know the appropriate way of eliminating poop odor from clothes. We will be giving a full-proof procedure for quickly doing the task.

1. Check if there is any poop still clingy with your clothes. Try to remove them with cold water bloating.

2. Be Careful to do so as anything wrong you do can spread the stain.

3. Use vinegar or baking soda with a liquid dishwasher to make a solution with water. Now you have to soak the stained area in the solution.

4. Spray the solution or you can soak the whole garments in a bucket with the solution. Wait until it is set and react with the poop and pee stains.

5. Now scrub the surface gently and rinse the garment with cold water until you can find no soap residue over the surface of your cloth.

6. Certainly the poop stains come off your clothes. If not, you can repeat the pretreat until it’s gone.

7. Load the washer drum with the clothes with vinegar and liquid laundry soap. You can use hot water as urine and poop contains bacteria and hot water will kill them all for you. But the risk of doing it should be kept in your mind.

8. Now give it a regular wash cycle and get it out when it’s done.

9. You can try specialized poop smell remover with the washing water as a caution for smell removal.

10. Give the garments a sundry to make the process fully proof. Because the clothes dried in the sun will be fresh as none.


Here are some extra tips for helping you:

  1. Do not utilize bleach and vinegar together!
  2. As an update, when the stains are taken out, boiling water can be utilized to wash them.
  3. Likewise, with pee smudges, line drying in the sun is an extraordinary method for sanitizing and de-smell garments or bedding that has been filthy.
  4. Another tip is to keep away from “without a care in the world” cleansers.
  5. Those frequently contain lighting-up specialists that leave a buildup that while may not cause smell issues, can create issues with spilling since the buildup will repulse the stain causing a specialist.
  6. Last tip for one or the other issue: Routinely runs a cleaning cycle on the clothes washer and utilize a clothes washer cleaner.

Final words

If you are a new mom or got a grandparent you are likely to get poop smell and stains in their clothes. It could make the wearer and the surroundings feel disgusted. The situation worsens when your washing techniques can’t remove the stain or smell from your clothes.

Here in this article, we have got all covered for solving the problem for you. Use any stain remover and poop smell remover you can easily get access to for removing unwanted odors. By following the procedure given you can easily get rid of the poop stains as well as urine smells.

So, now you can enjoy your laundry.

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