Do Barbie Clothes Fit Elves On The Shelf?

Elf dolls are popular and believed to be luck. During Christmas, it becomes more popular. People believe the elf on the shelf should not be touched as it can interrupt the magical connection between the family and elves.

But you can touch them before placing them on the shelf. Generally, the elf on the shelf wears a red and white striped dress to bring color, fun, and hope to the keeper. The dress of the elf in the frame can be replaced by Barbie doll dresses if and only if they both are the same size. Barbies are a bit larger than elves yet the dresses can be altered.

Do Barbie Clothes Fit Elves On The Shelf?

In this article, we will be discussing the size of Barbie, elf, and how Barbie clothes can fit on the shelf.

Barbie Doll Size And Shapes

Barbie dolls are worldwide popular among then kinds and young girls. Its shape and glossy-styled dresses made it even more popular.

Barbie dolls are generally 8-14 inches tall and curvy in shape. So the dresses are also curvy and tight to the doll’s body.

Elf On The Shelf Size And Shape

The elf on the shelf is normally smaller than Barbie. They are 9 inches tall and skinny-shaped. Sometimes these elves can be 12 inches. You can find elves on the shelf wearing red and white eye-catching shirts and pants.

Clothes That Fit Elves On The Shelf

Christmas is a time to set new goals and decorate existing goods in a new fashion. Kids also love new dresses for their dolls.

As a parent, you can think if the dress Barbie will fit the elf. The answer you are looking for is “Yes, the Barbie dresses can fit the elf on the shelf.”

Barbie doll dresses are pink gowns, blue dresses with laces, and colorful shoes. Most of the time they are very shiny and silky fabric. Took off the dress from the barbie and try to put it on the elf you want to put on the shelf this year.

If both the dolls are the same in size they will easily fit and give a different vibe. But if the Barbie dress is longer than you need you can cut it small. To make it in your elf doll safety pins can be a great idea.

Here is a list of clothes you can use for your elf on the shelf:

Shower Accessories

You can set up your mythical elf on the shelf in Barbie’s bath and spot the stickers for the cucumbers, cotton balls, and shaving cream. To make it more tomfoolery, you might show Mythical elves on the Rack dolls close to the sink or washroom to supplement the subject impeccably.

Barbie Hair on The elf

Before you do this at home, ensure your Barbie doll’s hair is removable or alterable, on the grounds that you would rather not alarm the children by going bald their number one toy for all time!

Contingent upon the accessible Barbie hair tones, the mythical elf on the shelf will show up ‘silly’ on such adornments. It’s likewise great to consider the skin shade of your mythical person to set an intelligent presentation as one of the occasion styles.

Beauty Care Products

On the off chance that you have a stuffed-out dollhouse at home or your Barbie set has make-up packs, then, at that point, you’re all set.

Basic yet innovative, giving your mythical elf on the shelf a makeover with Barbie’s lipstick, eye makeup, and other magnificence fundamentals will be a major head-turner for your family and family members.

You can likewise enliven the design set with Barbie’s hair care extras like a brush, clasps, pins, and such, making a full makeover for St Nick’s dedicated mythical being.


Barbie toy bundles generally accompany various sets of shoes and it’s the ideal opportunity for the little mythical person to attempt them all before she returns to the North Pole wearing her exhausting boots.

Set up this pleasant enhancement close to your shoe rack and let your guests laugh as they witness the mythical elf on the shelf being conflicted between Barbie’s pink stilettos or yellow siphons.

It’s way simpler to assemble this style though contrasted with setting up some typical Christmas components. You might move a mythical elf on the shelf starting with one spot and then onto the next.

Many kid toys decorating experts say it is not possible to put barbie dresses on the elf doll. This is because the elf on the shelf is more petite in most cases. They say there are other dresses that should be tried on the elf. Little pony, build-a-bear, Polly pocket doll dresses will fit the best for your elf on the shelf.

Final Words

In this article, we have discussed what components of your Barbie can be used for decora the elf on the shelf. Shoes, gloss gowns, and makeup items can be applied to the elf doll.

Sometimes problems like not fitting can come up and solutions can be so easily made by using a bit of sense. Choose the right clothes that will look good as Santa’s friend and your kids will love them. This gives your home good luck with great decorations.

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