What is Differential Feed on a Serger?

Through the serging process, we can combine two diagonal parts of twill fabric together. With a differential serger, you can give different types of stitches to your fabric.

If you want to know about differentiated search and want to sew this then this article is for you. Automatic sewing machines provide different types of sewing lengths and speed meters.

You can create different forms of stitch by varying the options inside your sewing machine, for differential serge.

Differential feed relies on the tension and stretching of the fabric and how much you want to make your design changeable by sewing overlock to the stitch pattern. Needle and feed dog of machine just follow the command of customized stitch length.

What is Differential Feed on a Serger

Today we will learn how to make different types of stitches with the help of a differential serge of a sewing machine.

The needle of the automatic sewing machine has its own two feed dogs. Your fabrics are sewn while going through these feed dogs. With a certain amount of speed and pressure, your clothes start to be sewn. The effects of the machine under the needle will act as a differential feed.

Stitch length

Tighten the stitch length of the machine a little. In the case of automatic machines, the amount is usually 1.2 to 1.8 for stitch.

Thread from your machine’s bobbin yarn will enter the fabric through this pressure and this stage. This stress will cause a corrugated stitch with your fabric.

Take a look and see the sewing part that has come out crooked like a wave. When narrow is stitched in this way with stretching and wave stitching is made with that.

Again, you will be able to sew a flat when you reduce the amount of stitch length below 1 for instance 0.6 to 0.8.

Differential feed

Now in terms of differential feed, you need to know the swing tension whether it has extra stretch on feed or not. You can control your feed tension and fabric stretch with help of using tension pully.

Differential feed

Differential feeders depend on what you do serge of your fabric part. Usually, overlock stitches consume a stitch portion of your specified serge fabric.

Differential Serge process

Step 01: Sewing machine set up

By moving the stitch length’s rotating wheel front and back, you can adjust the differential serge.

Now here will depend on what kind of stitch you want to give your clothes.

Sewing machine set up

Speed, on the other hand, is very important in sewing machine setup. In the case of differential feed serge, medium-speed stitching is applicable. Read this article to know more about serger sewing machine settings, and functions.

Step 02: Sewing with differential serge

The versatile stitch option plays a major role for feed the sewing thread to your fabric. You can do it with your regular sewing machine.

Place your fabric edge to the feed dog position and use the pressure foot of your machine. Knit fabric basically, can easily possibly give ribbon lock stitches with pressure and tension.

Thread tension will pull fabric. Use the machine’s foot controller for release and cut the excess thread with the retractable knife blade.

Sewing with differential serge

Things you need to know about differential feed serge

  1. With this differential feed serge, you only can give an overlock stitch to your fabric. More specifically, 4 thread overlock.
  2. Fabric edge, hem, rolled hem, sewing cuffs, and decorative edges design are commonly used
  3. Things you need to be aware of are stretch while sewing for wave or flat results.
  4. With the help of the same regular sewing machine, you can have a differential sewing serge.
  5. Sometimes we see some features on the embroidery machine that must be possible to perform differential serge.


Differential serge through which you can diversify your sewing. You can design your clothes with differential fabric feed. This feature of sewing and going to this activity of your machine is very important for you. You can use differential serge to change the custom design of your fabric and sew it to your own design.

Hopefully, this article has helped you to learn and be interested in the differential serge in the sewing method.

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