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In the global connection we live in, there are more and more cultures and traditions followed by different people, in different places. And in every tradition, there is a different and unique sense of fashion. There are endless magically beautiful traditional fashions, the fashion of ‘Halloween’ and ‘The day of the dead is a bit similar

A Mexican cultural festival which is celebrated every year on 1st and 2nd November. To follow the tradition, families come together to show respect and to celebrate the passed away family members on this day. It is considered a significant time when the beloved members of the family pay a visit to their loved ones.

Among these considerations, they warmly welcome the innocent souls of their deceased family members with traditional food and music. They put on different ‘day of the dead clothes’ to maintain the theme. Every culture or festival has a deep history, as also the ‘Day of the dead’, a goddess called ‘Mictecacihuatl’ is considered the goddess of the dead. When the Spanish arrived in the 1600s, they started making Mexican people follow Christianity and started giving them some new religious beliefs.

Day Of The Dead

Rituals, fashion, beliefs, etc. are the main theme of any tradition, and to know about any tradition we must have to know who, why and what they are. the descriptions of the day of the dead and its cultural beliefs will be presented.

About The Rise Of La Catrina

In Mexico’s thriving political art display of the 20th century, lithographer Jose Guadalupe Posada put the image of the skull and skeletal figures in his mockup of politicians by commenting on revolutionary politics, religion, and death.

His most popular work was the ‘La Calavera Catrina’ or can say ‘The Elegant Skull’. 

It is a zinc etcher, featuring a female skeleton. It’s a cultural mockup with a French dress, a white hat, and a lot of makeup for a white look. La Catrina became the public face of the day of the dead, 

The dark thing is that her smile represents her pompous and her visibility reminds the revealers to accept the truth of death

Why Is The Day Of The Dead Different From Halloween? 

Some people think that the ‘Day of the dead’ is Mexican Halloween, but this is wrong.

Halloween for spreading terror and mischief in a fun way on the night of 31st October. They use a similar theme of death but they don’t represent love and respect for the deceased family members. 

On the other hand, Mexican revelers do funky make-up and costumes and also enjoy parades and parties. They spend their time singing and dancing and offer lovely welcomes to their lost loved ones.

Day of Dead Features

Skull-shaped sugar candies

Skulls are the main theme of the Day of the dead, people make skull-shaped candies made of sugar. They serve these candies as treats on this day.

Decoration of Grave 

As per tradition, the people clean and decorate their loved ones graves, and all family members gather beside the grave and they share meals, tell stories, and are lost in the memories with the deceased family members.

In addition, people often bring some objects to the grave which are meaningful to the deceased member.

Souls of the children 

It is considered or believed that the souls of deceased children come to meet the family at midnight on 1st November, families construct an Ofrenda (Altar) with departed children’s favorite toys, candies, and snacks.

Soul of the Adults 

2nd November is considered the night of the deceased adult members. The night is filled with love and memories like the night before.

Families will also play games together reminding the good memories with the members. Village bands also played in the towns.

Concept of Marigolds 

Marigolds are considered the gateway of the spirits to their Ofrendas. It is considered that the fashion of people, the vibrant colors of flowers, and their scents attract the departed spirits. Also, Marigolds are the symbol of beautiful and fragile life.

Overall Fashion And Cloth Tradition Overview

Women wear

The female costumes are most attractive and iconic on this day, even most people who don’t know the Mexican fashion tradition, but after seeing any of the dead costumes, anyone can say it’s a Mexican.

Talking about the day of the dead women’s costumes, and not talking about the famous ‘La Catrina’ Masks is like missing the whole tradition. 

Their dresses are the main theme of skulls and La Catrina, they also have a special type of hairstyle on that day, having stickers and tattoos of faces in addition some people also make a horror theme of their departed loved ones.

Besides themes, they have different clothing options.

1. Long dress

For a nice, tall and girly look, some wear long dresses on that day. As it is a day of the dead, the long dresses should not be tight.

2. Flowy dress

This is also a common dress that has a quiet fit with La Catrina. It brings girliness as well as is lightweight, it should be in breathable fabric. It also keeps the women energetic and fresh all day.

Additional accessories in costumes:


wearing a black hat on the day of the dead presents the girls with a charming and fantastic look. In addition, some girls often decorate their hats with a vintage look or add some designs of flowers.

Bridal veil

It seems strange to think about the bridal veil on such a day, but it looks really awesome in reality, it also provides a mysterious look to the queens(women) of the ‘Day of the Dead‘.


It’s always cold on this day. So, a scarf is a necessary accessory and can also add a classy look for girls, black scarfs are the best option on this day.

Men’s Wear

The male costumes are inspired by the El Catrín, it’s the counterpart of La Catrina, they basically have too many themes and options with traditional Mexican fashion with the skull theme and also formal dresses with the spice of tradition and skull.

1. Tuxedo and Charro suit

There’s nothing to explain about formal and Tuxedo suits, they’re so fantastic and famous as well.

2. About shirt and suspenders

These are the best alternative and also goes with the traditions, it’s the down-toned options from suits and tuxedo.

Additional accessories


Neckties are an important option for pairing suits, they look incomplete without neckties.


For men, traditional or modern hats can give a charming look and also be a good pair with the themes. Golden brown and black color hats are the best options for men on this day

Final words

The relationships with any lovely member of our life are really sweet. We get our whole mind in the darkness after any member of our life takes the taste of death and leaves us alone forever. The day of the dead represents the lovely connection between family members.

People got another chance to feel their loved one’s presence. The Mexican tradition of the day of the dead is becoming more colorful and achieving new heights as tourists visit Mexico only to celebrate this tradition.

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