How to Coat a Screen with Emulsion for Screen Printing

Before starting printing for printing making emulsion for the screen is the first and foremost objective. It’s an easy process. After removing the previous emulsion with emulsion, you can again set up a new photo emulsion for screen printing.

Coating emulsion with decoration will give your design a special expected area to print and place on items’ surfaces for screen printing.

In this article, you will know about the coating emulsion of screen painting in detail.

Let’s get started.

How to Coat a Screen with Emulsion for Screen Printing: In 4 Steps

Coat with emulsion is a very easy process. With 4 easy steps, you can finish your coating in a short time.

1. Prepare your mesh

You have to prepare your screen-printing mesh first. Make sure you have a degreaser, scraping elements, spray bottle, and press washing water as your screen-printing supply.

Now the thing you have to do first you have to wash your screen mesh very well with degradation spray and scrap all the frame.

Prepare your mesh

You have to take two types of brush. one kind of brush is to scrab and clean the hard material (Aluminum) from the frame and another type of brush to clean and remove the previous emulsion from the screen. You have to wash your screen with a pressure washer with patience and care.

Use stencil remover once if necessary. You have to check the screen filter under the light after wash. With that case, you can get the result that how clean and prepared your mess is for printing.

2. Prepare your scoop coder for coat emulsion

Scope coders play an important role in the coating on the screen. Screen mesh needs to treat well with screen printing ink could be plastic soul or water-based ink.

Clean your scope coder and make sure another coder’s emulsion spot is not attached to its surface.

Rinse your scoop coder in a remover and after a few minutes check whether it’s done or not.

Whenever your scoop coder preparation process has been done then scrab it with a dry fabric and let it drive in this way your order is prepared to coat your screen it will happen in the next step.

3. Emulsion coating of screen printing

Pour the screen-printing emulsion onto the blank space of the scoop coder. Hold your mash flatly and vertically and then ran the scoop coder up to the bottom with a screen-printing emulsion to attach to the mesh surface.

How to Coat a Screen with Emulsion for Screen Printing

It will take a bit of time and caution but this is the best way to quote emulsion over the mesh. You can repeat the process multiple times if requires.

For a screen-printing process doing this emulsion from both sides is important for a screen mesh. Hold tightly to your screen frame and focus on coating your mesh screen.

In this way, it is possible to install direct emulsion on screen printing mesh. That liquid emulsion needs to be set with time and rest in the screen mesh.

4. Dry your screen in a dark place at a natural temperature

The Mesh screen’s thick edge needs to get dry with natural temperature. After coating whenever you will take it on a flat surface and dry it well, the screen-printing mesh will get itself prepared with the best version of printing.

Stencil and printing ink won’t get distracted from the design and print very well.

Note: Make sure you keep your emulsion screen mesh in a dark room for a couple of hours for drying.

How many times you can coat a screen?

If you are using the same mesh for a different type of garment or design you can reclaim your screen-printing mesh multiple times.

If you are coating your screen-printing mesh for a specific design you can coat your mesh screen from both sides which means two times from two parts.

Can I reclaim my screen mesh again?

Yes of course you can. To reclaim your screen, you have to take steps for emulsion removal first. Using degradation solution and then crab well on your screen will give you again a mesh screen for further printing.

The screen-printing business is a sustainable business for its printing elements reuses and reclaiming. Also, in the category of mesh count and depth, you can use various kinds of printing ink. so you can reclaim your miss over and over again.


Screen printing emulsion is an essential part of screen printing. Before starting printing the quote this image is important. The specific supply of your screen printing elements and its caution will help you to give a professional coating for screen printing.

Screen printing emulsion coating is not a hard process. By knowing they stay and scrubbing chemicals you can do it by yourself. The steps described in this article are all about this hope this article is informative for you and you will get benefit from there.

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