How To Clean A Heat Press Machine

A Heat press vinyl machine is one of the best choices for printing methods with heat. Continuous electric supply, efficient ink injection, pressure loader is required. Hand breaker and press rod are frequently used in every punch of heat press. Again, the heat sometimes makes some flame and burning components. So you need to clean your machine, and to clean you need to know how to clean a heat press machine.

Not only cleaning, all others maintenance methods apply is the best way to boost your machine’s long-living period. A heat press is not an exception to that. Some of the heat press machines’ parts can be separated from body parts some can’t be. Cleanness is another part of maintenance, which is very important for any machine.

In this article you learn how to clean heat press and it’s plate along with how to get melted plastic and sublimation ink off heat press. Let’s start!

How To Clean A Heat Press Machine

How To Clean A Heat Press Machine

For the cleaning procedure, we can consider the heat pressing metal, heating plate, heating elements are adjusted inside, lower plate of heat press machine, fabric holding rubber pad, the stand, hand break, pressure rod, top surface of the heating plate. Those parts are directly or indirectly have conducted with high heat.

Heat pressing temperature is very high while printing, and it’s around 180 degrees to 220 degrees as we all know. So, any kind of waxing material, hairy fiber, or other chemical components might be melted on top or lower part of the machine plate.

We are suggesting you to give a cleaning treatment to your machine twice a month. If you take care of your machine, your machine will care about your production.

You have to clean the heat press machine in easy, simple 4 steps. Those are discussed below:

1. Clean with dry fabric

At first take a dry towel or clean fabric to rub and clean the dust from your heat press machine. Top, bottom, and side parts of the machine should rub sometime with the dry fabric components.

2. Separate heat press machine parts and clean pads

Separate your bottom pad. Different kind of heat pressing machine contains several pads. Cost commonly rubber pad. But some are also made in silicone pads or high carbon fiber sheets. Those sheets have to clean with dry fabric first. Pads contain more dust and fiber than the top part of the heat plate.

Pads need to give a spray wash with methanol chemical items. Sophy items could be used, but after that, you have to clean them with dry cotton fabric. Let it dry before putting the same place

3. Clean heat press plate

For the top and the bottom part of the pressing plate, you need to use petroleum chemical solution or glycerin components. Spray on the surface inside of the pressing face and rub with a towel.

Do the same process to the top and bottom parts a couple of times. Make it shiny and clean. Your dry tower or fabric has to have better absorption capacity. Cotton fabric is better for this.

4. Clean heat press machine’s stand and iron surface

Clean the stand and iron surface of the side range of your machine. Those stands and hand breakers need some lubricant to avoid further frictional problems.

Note: In general, the heat press machine’s surface is made of stainless steel. But for precautions, its better not to use water in at any surface. Moreover, other side parts and hand breakers also not come in the conduct of water. Another important thing to notice that, do not do the cleaning when your machine has heat or warmth.

Let it cool down, turn off all switches, and be your machine adjusted to room temperature. That’s an important fact.

How to avoid melted plastic of heat press?

While using heat press for printing fabrics with heat transfer paper, melting plastic might form the upper surface heat plate. To avoid that kind of disturbance, you can use Teflon sheet paper for your production.

It’s a crafty paper for heat pressing production. Teflon paper is usually used as heat press machine problem-solving tool. It protects your fabric from unnecessary melted material like plastic. It is also used for vinyl machines to separate from waxing or plastic materials to melt.

How to get Sublimation ink off from vinyl heat press machine? 

Sometimes excessive ink cause problems on the heat press machine. You have to check the printing nozzle before starting to print. Epson’s customized mood can help you to change the configuration.

You can use tissue and dry cotton beside the printed area of your garments. Polyethylene papers or Teflon paper can be used to avoid sublimation ink off from the heat press machine.


A good maintenance treatment will give you a satisfactory result of using your machine. Heat press machine is not costly to clean.

Step by step process and make sure the dryness after cleaning will give you a comfortable production. Unwanted melting issues will cover by the proper steps before and during pressing and printing.

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