How To Change A Heat Press Machine Fuse

The heat press fuse needs to be replaced when there is a problem with the circuit board.

Firstly, you have to understand why we change the fuse for a heat press machine.

Fuse is a safety device that protects the machine’s circuit board and internal electric supplying elements from an excessive level of electric flow. In short, it’s a breaker component of a massive voltage or current.

This article will give you details about the heat press circuit board fuse and its replacement procedure.

Heat press circuit breaker

Why fuse is essential for heat press: Heat press machines heat generally high with the electric supplying condition. 120V to 240-volt current can flow from the machine, which only depends on the circuit breakers settings.

Heat press circuit breaker

When a circuit breaker isn’t able to take pressure enough, then there may be a short circuit.

To avoid those unexpected problems, a fuse is very important in a circuit of a heat press machine.

More or less, all-electric supplying machines have a fuse in their circuit box.

Fuses are classified into two types.

  1. AC fuse
  2. DC fuse

Heat press vinyl machine run with DC fuse. For 1500 watt to 1700-watt machine’s electric supply, you can use a replaceable fuse.

How To Change A Heat Press Machine Fuse

Heat press fuse changing ways

Unplug every current wire

Make sure you unplug and turn off the switches of the heat press machine. The machine’s temperature should be neutral.

Unscrew the control panel

Inside of heat press vinyl machine, the circuit board has a control panel to measure and distribute electricity. Once the machine is shut down, you can open it to check the fuse.

Replacement Fuse

After opening the board, you can check your fuse from the fuse board. Remove your old fuse from the wire carefully and reset another new fuse.

The bottom and top parts of the fuse need to attach with wire, which has a direct connection with the circuit board.

The machine’s main switching wire is connected to the panel board. Check also if the signal is passing correctly or not.

Reset the panel box and close

The heat press machine works on high voltage electricity so a high voltage capacitor is mandatory for the machine.

Once you reset a new fuse, it’s time to screw again all to close. Plugin and turn on the switch to get a result.

Note: The heat transferring machine’s upper platen is responsible for heat consumption and pressing creation. If its temperature couldn’t pass thoroughly, its electric heating element could damage. Besides, a fuse can’t bear this load. As a result, your machine will damage its fuse again.

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