Can You Use Vellum Paper For Screen Printing?

Yes. Vellum papers are usually used for screen printing. From customized to industrial it has acceptance everywhere.

For a production basis, screen printing will give you the maximum outcomes that other print can’t. As we all know, vellum papers are very soft and smooth to print in fabric production, but still, they can create a profitable value.

Can You Use Vellum Paper For Screen Printing?

Printer Features for Vellum Paper

Vellum papers are used with laser or inkjet printers. Inkjet films are worked upon vellum papers with high-quality dye or pigment printing.

As it sub used as transparency paper sometimes, so if a  tracing paper is attached while printing will give the best experience of printed materials.

Though vellum papers are expensive, so their ink and color-using materials also need good quality.

Vellum Papers Characteristics

Putting design on vellum paper for printing needs to be done with some precautions. You can use parchment paper behind the printed fabric for absorbing extra ink while printing.

Vellum papers are most commonly used as crafts paper that can be found in craft stores. Depending on design customization, vellum paper can be used with a laser printer or inject printer.

Vellum papers are worth using for the art and crafts business. Setting a customized goal is one of the common choices for producers.

Note: Vellum papers are costly in comparison to other printed papers. For special orders or customized jobs done, you can print with vellum paper.

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