Can You Iron Polyester?

Polyester fabrics are quite complicated to iron. Ironing is essential to remove shrinking spot and wrinkles from fabric.

Yes, you can iron polyester fabrics made cloths and others garments. You must use an iron with the low temp. setting to avoid burning the fabric. That’s why steam ironing is recommended for polyester fabrics. In one word, when it terms to ironing polyester, you have to take some extra precautions.

In this article, we will give you step by step process of polyester fabric ironing.

Can You Iron Polyester?

Polyester Fabrics Item

Polyester fabrics are made of lightweight fibers sometimes. Those durable, slippery items are manufactured for garments items as well as crafts production.

Cover Cloth

Polyester which is used to make table cloth and cover flat shapes is normally heavy in weight than fabric polyester.

The adhesive is used to manufacture the top surface flat and smooth. Car cloth, machines cover sheets, umbrellas using raw fabrics all are possible to made from polyester.

Garments item

In most cases, polyester is used as a proxy for cotton fiber. Polyester is cheap, good in quality, have high resistance to shrink and wrinkle. Shirt, Pant, T-shirt, Sharee, ladies, and gents undergarments are also produced from polyester.

Polyester Fabrics Nature

Nature of polyester fabrics is encouragingly promising to its users. Though it is made of synthetic polymer fibers, so it has some issues that are different from cotton fibers nature.

Polyester fabrics could be melted on high heat. Besides, it has to attract ware and comfortable experience.

Polyester fabrics are easy to wash, and good at moisture resistance and shrinking. Polyester fabrics are basically made of plastic fiber synthetic elements so that you can deform them for your own use purpose.

When you will print with vinyl and heat press machine, you have to check the temperature consistency as well as its heating timing with pressure.

Low heat with a long time period might be beneficial for screen and vinyl printing perhaps.

It is important to set a good laundry and iron environment for polyester fabrics.

As you already know, polyester fabrics have good stiffness, high-temperature tolerance range, and good moisture avoiding ability.

Now, we are going to discuss some issues, that would help you to avoid mistakes when iron polyester fabrics.

1. Polyester Iron with Ironing Machine

The most common ironing method is the iron with the iron machine which is available in our home. We are suggesting you iron your polyester fabric after a good laundry.

Using liquid detergent and softener for washing polyester fabric would be better than using hard soap. After washing and drying, the polyester fabric will give you the best result while ironing.

With low heat temperature for instance 120- 130 degrees Celsius is quite secure for polyester fabrics. This is the best iron temperature setting for polyester fabrics.

Polyester Iron with Ironing Machine

Before you start ironing, also check the care label of your garments. Some garments are required to give heat from the inside out.

Make sure you place your fabric onto a flat table and iron with that much temperature at earliest time. Like cotton fabrics, polyester will not get burned, instead of it polyester melt like plastic.

2. Iron with Heat Press Machine

In some cases, I have experienced that so many people ask me about the iron with heat press machine. This time I want to make it clear how you can iron polyester with a heat press machine.

Heat press machine’s active signatures rely upon heat, pressure, and unit temperature. About pressing heat and iron of course you can use a heat press machine.

Iron with Heat Press Machine

With 110 degrees Celsius, 20 psi, and 10 seconds of time duration you can iron your polyester fabric sheets.

Polyester t-shirts, bead sheets, table cloths, cover clothes, and many more things are included in it.

Heat press machines silicone rubber pad should be heat transparent.

3. Steam Ironing Method

Steam iron is the best and safest way to iron polyester fabrics. Heat-sensitive polyester fabrics can easily give a good heat to remove wrinkles from the fabric.

A vertically situated ironing board is essential for steam polyester.

The most advantage of this method is, that your polyester garments will not get the heat directly to the fabric.

Rub the surface of your cloth with the steam machine before making it too hot on a specific surface.

Steam Ironing Method

Can I Make 100% Polyester Iron?

100% Polyester is also possible to give iron with a gentle process. Make sure its temperature should not high more than 140 degrees Celsius temperature.

Temperature is a big fact to iron polyester because it causes a melting spot on the fabric surface. Read the instruction and care label before giving heat.

Press your iron plate for 10-15 seconds on the fabric surface. You can use a piece of soft towel or fabric while pressing. It will help your polyester fabric to protect from burning.

How to Iron Polyester Blend Fabric (50/50, Cotton and Polyester)

Most of our wearable polyester pants, jeans, t-shirts, shirts, and polo are made of blending with cotton. Raising the temperature for cotton blending polyester fabric would not be wise.

For ironing blended polyester garments, you need to take a careful look at your garment’s instruction care label.

Cotton as a natural fiber has a good absorbency of moisture and resistance to high temperatures. Besides polyester from plastic fibers have a melting point at high heat and pressure.

Give a soak and wash your fabric first. After drying it, your garments are ready for the iron. Some blended garments are required to give heat inside the fabric part.

Like the polyester fabric, you can give heat around 130 to 140 degrees in temperature for 15-20 seconds.

Blended fabrics can get some moisture from cotton fibers, so that gives some time after iron and make it dry. If you see fog while ironing, then repeat the press and iron again to make it dry.


Polyester is one of the most popular fibers to produce wearable and fashionable fabric. About ironing polyester fabric if you take some steps and precautions, your garments would have a long life. Garments and production size bulk quantity of fabrics are almost the same to treat for ironing.

Some polyester has heavyweight with external pigment attachments.  For that kind of fabric, you should not give direct heat or pressure onto the fabric surface. I hope this article helps you a lot with ironing solutions.

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