How to bleach a white shirt with a logo?

To bleach fabrics, especially white t-shirts with logos is one of the daily basis used in our domestic life. Lots of people have confused about bleaching white t-shirts with a colored logo.

You can bleach a white shirt with a logo, cold water with detergent will help you to give the best experience of bleaching the white shirt with a logo. Bleaching a shirt or other wearable garments is more efficient for cotton-made clothes than synthetic fabric made.

White clothes are already being natured with scouring and bleaching since production. To remove stains from clothes with detergent is most important. Bleaching with cold water comes next to give the best washing experience with a colored logo.

In this article, I will discuss with you the bleaching ways of white wearable shirts with colored logos.

How to bleach a white shirt with a logo?

Necessary material

  1. White clothes with a colored logo
  2. Chlorine bleach 
  3. Cold water
  4. White vinegar 
  5. Laundry detergent
  6. Bleach dispenser 

In this situation, we are going to separate the bleaching process with two separate washing methods. 

It is because, for hand washing, you need to modify some steps than washing machines.  Also, you have to do work a little different way to wash by hand. On the other hand, for a deep and heavy stain on the fabric’s surface, you need to wash it by hand. Because the rub is needed onto that surface only suitable by hand grip.

Bleach a white shirt with a logo in hand washing

Bleach a white shirt with a logo in hand washing

Step-1: Read the care label

Care label is the best indicator for your clothes. If your garments are sensitive to bleach washing, you can avoid it before starting. 

Step-2: Mix beaching with cold water

Now it is time to mix your bleaching reagents with cold water.  The amount of bleaching should be one-fourth of the total water. Again for heavy white garments, you can use one-third of chlorine bleach.

Note: Make sure the water shouldn’t be hot. Though you are using chlorine bleach, so don’t use colored clothes. It will be fed your clothes color.

Step-3: Soak the Clothes and keep them for rest

Soak your clothes for 10-15 minutes in the mixing water. Bleach will deform the dirt and light stains will remove slowly.

Step-4: Wash with detergent

You can use powder or liquid detergent in this situation. You can directly apply the detergent soap to the heavy stain surface of the fabrics. After a gentle wash, you will get clean washed clothes with bleach.

Step-5: Dry with natural air

Now, it’s time to let it dry. You can hang up your clothes with a hanger outside of your home. Your white fabrics will get whitener than before.

Washing machine wash bleaching steps of a white shirt with a logo

Washing machine wash bleaching steps of a white shirt with a logo

Step-1# Check your clothing’s care label

Same as handwashing you have to check the care label instruction before washing with bleaching. Some care labels are sensitive to dilution with bleaching. Those labels’ color may hamper your full garment because it’s white in color. 

Step-2# Put laundry detergent in the machine

For machine wash, you need to put detergent in the detergent bar. In comparison with your clothes quantity, you should give the detergent-like quantity of your fabric is.

Step-3# Bleaching after detergent wash

After 10-15 mins of detergent wash, it is time to give a bleaching wash to your white shirt or garments which contain a colored logo. Give one-third of watered chlorine bleach for mixing with the machine. With a medium mood, for 5-10 seconds you can wash your clothes. 

Step-4# Water rinses and dry

Chlorine gives a very good bleaching wash against the cotton fabric. It will give a good bleach wash and if you want to erase your designed logo, you can directly use bleaching liquid for that. 

Anyways, after giving a bleach wash you should wash your cloth with the medium spin of the machine and then wash with water for the next 5 minutes. After washing with water, take place your shirt for hanging and drying.

FAQs on How to bleach a white shirt with a logo

Can u bleach a white shirt with design?

Yes, you can bleach a white shirt with a design on it. Bleach will not remove the design, but it may damage the fabric or its color. Remember, bleach is flammable and can cause damage, which is why bleach is mainly used to remove stains.

What color does bleach turn white?

Lighter blues turn into white. In most cases, the black color turns into red or reddish-orange, and purple turn into pink. Bleach is a chemical that alters the color of materials. It can whiten clothes. Bleach will only lighten the color. Bleach is capable of removing most stains from shirts, but using it, again and again, can change the color of the fabric and make it white or at least lighten the color of the fabric.

Do you need the sun to bleach a shirt?

No, it’s not a mandatory thing to have but you can bleach a shirt using sunlight. Sunlight contains the full spectrum of light and is the most efficient way to bleach a shirt.

Although, sunlight is not a must-have thing if you can use it it’s better. you can read this article about bleaching a shirt without sunlight.


Bleach with white garments especially t-shirts would be nicely possible with a mild chlorine bleaching process. We all have the experience to bleach our logo shirts. Following this step-by-step hand or machine wash process, you would know better to wash white logo shirt bleaching.

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