How to bleach a shirt without the sun?

Your old fabrics are not appropriate to go out wearing and you want to throw them in the bin. Yes, you can do that.

But before doing that I suggest you think about bleaching your t-shirt. Maybe it will be your next favorite item from your wardrobe. who knows?

You can bleach t-shirts, shirts, gray shirts, and white fabric without the assistance of sunlight. It is good to have sunlight but not compulsory and you can wash them with your washing machine. Using chemical and handcraft components is also enough for bleaching without sun.

In this article, I will tell you how to bleach without sunlight, so fasten your seatbelt and let’s get started.

How to bleach a shirt without the sun?

Sunlight effects on bleach shirts

A lot of people will tell you sun bleaching is a must for a bleached shirt. But don’t listen to them. Sunlight just makes the chlorine bleaching process fast. With the assistance of sunlight, the color change happens in a hurry.

But without sunlight, the bleaching process of fabrics slows down a bit. It takes approximately 30-45minutes to change color.

However, sunlight destroys chlorine bleach. To be specific it makes the chlorine inactive. so most people use stabilizers to stop the sun from using all the chlorine before it is finished with bacteria.

Bleaching requirements

You can bleach your white shirt with the tools you have at your home. Here is a list:

Bucket: A Plastic bucket for bleach mixture.

Rubber gloves: A pair of rubber gloves for protecting your hand skin from any bleach hazards.

Coldwater: Coldwater for mixing with the bleach. The bleach and water will make the bleach solution.

Hydrogen peroxide: It will help stop bleaching clothes. You will be needing hydrogen peroxide for bleaching process without sun.

White shirt: An old fabric that you want to bleach

Some other things will be needed for different purposes. such as If you want tye-dye your t-shirt you will be needing rubber bands, stencils to add design, and cardboard if you want only one part of your garment to be bleached. A spray bottle or squeeze bottles to spray bleach.

Process of bleaching a shirt without the sun

Bleaching is perfect for cotton fabrics. But it is not that ideal for synthetic fibers like polyester or polyurethane jackets.

T-shirt preparation

Before applying Any kind of bleach solution to your white shirt you have to dampen the fabric. In case you can drop your shirt in the water.

But you don’t want a dripping t-shirt to put in the bleach solution. Because it will imbalance the solution and it can cause poor bleaching.

So after watering makes sure you squeeze it hard and eliminate water as much as possible from your shirt.

If you want to add any design, make it ready. Then cut the vinyl and heat press it onto your garment. After that, you can use the rubber bands to control the bleach.

Now follow the steps to have your bleached shirt ready.

Bleaching a shirt without the sun: 6 Steps

Bleaching a shirt without the sun: 6 Steps

  1. Prepare the hydrogen peroxide solution.2-4% will be enough to stop bleaching the fabric. you need to make it ready and close to your hand before starting to bleach the garment.
  2. Prepare your bleaching solution in the bucket. You have to add 4times cold water compared to the bleach. apply it to your t-shirt.
  3. Keep the shirt in bleach for around 10-15 minutes. It will help the bleaching process go fine and improve the bleaching results.
  4. Wait 10-20minutes for setting the bleach with your white shirt. wet fabric looks darker. so be sure when you want to stop the bleaching.
  5. Stop the bleaching by adding 3%hydrogen peroxide solution into the bleach solution when you have your desired color. You can spray the solution.
  6. Remove all the bands you used for bleaching and give it some time to dry. As you don’t have sunlight you better give it an hour to change its color totally.


  • wearing rubber gloves is a must. Otherwise, the bleach can really hurt your skin. cover your body well to decrease the chance of accidents.
  • If there is any button on your white t-shirt, the thread used for adding them may not change color.
  • Work outside. If not possible at least work at a well-ventilated place.
  • Don’t use too much bleach it can literally eat your vinyl design.
  • You don’t have to worry about laundry caring.


Bleaching is not necessarily done with sunlight always. There have verities kinds of ways to do bleaching on your cloth. For customized use, home bleaching is the best solution at a low cost. After your requirement and fabric preparation will get the best experience of bleach without the sun.

Depending on sunlight may occur time delay issues and have limitations at the winter season. The ways of bleaching your clothes without sun are already known by you, if you follow this article.

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