Black Spots On Clothes After Washing

Black spots after washing clothes can be the most irritating incident to face. You expect stain-free fresh clothes after getting out of the washing drum.

If you have faced black spot problems after washing them the problem is probably in the washing machine. Uncleaned drums and clogged detergent drawers are the most often found case.

The detergent and waste residue lead to those problems and stain your clothes. You can’t use your washing machine for washing clothes if you don’t find and fix the problem. If you neglect and delay the fixing day the washing machine will break down eventually.

Black Spots on Clothes After Washing

To save your washing machine, clothes and money you have to solve the problem and, in this article, we will discuss how you can eliminate these kinds of issues.

What Is the Black Bit in The Washing Machine?

When you wash your clothes in your machine washer you use detergents, fabric softener, stain remover, and more things. The clothes you wash are most likely to contain bacteria.

The residue of detergent and smudges will clog the washing machine. Bacteria and grease will come out in the washing cycle. This will cause black spots on your clothes.

How to Prevent Black Spots?

Black bits are often found when the washing machine has been used for 1 or more years. The new washing machine starts to have residue left on the drum after washing if you don’t clean them. Here are the main reasons and solutions for the situation to avoid black spots in your clothes:

1. Air pass

To avoid all the moisture your machine needs air circulation. Whenever a cycle is finished leave the door and detergent drawer open for some time. It will help the air to pass through the machine and work with the residues left.

2. Limit detergent usage 

The detergent residue can be the main reason for your machine getting clogged and you have a black pit on your clothing. If you use more detergent than needed, they will not mix with the water properly. Some particles will remain in the bottom of the washing drum and create a build-up that will lead your clothes open to black pits.

3. Hot water wash

Most clothes prefer cold water washing. It is also a strong reason for your clothes to have black pits. If you always wash your clothes in cold water you are more likely to have residue build up. In the upgraded versions of the machine washer, you will find a maintenance button. But in the older models, this feature is unavailable, so you have to run a maintenance cycle all by yourself.

Load the water drum with hot water and run a wash cycle without clothes. The hot water used will react with the build-ups and clean most of the residue.

4. White vinegar

After you run a hot wash with an empty drum, now add some soda and vinegar to the drawer. Add more distilled white vinegar to the drum directly and run one more maintenance cycle. You will have great results with these remedies while cleaning your washing machine.

5. Gasket

The gasket within a washing machine can easily collect flotsam and jetsam, padding, and any other type of undesirables. Over time, the excess cleaner will build up in this soil, resulting in slop. If this isn’t removed regularly, it will surely end up on your clothes throughout the wash cycle. Take out the drawer and spray white vinegar properly all over the drawer. 

Now rub the drawer with a brush or piece of fabric. You can also use washing-up liquid to clean up your dirty detergent drawer. A proper rinse is needed to clean all the free dirt from the drawer. Use cold or warm water to clean the drawer. After washing it put it back in its place and run the maintenance cycle to clean up the remaining grime.

6. Limescale

The filter of your washing machine or pipe can be jammed with limescale. If so it will cause stains of black sludge on your clothes in the wash cycle. The water used in the washing cycle will pass through the pipes and come up with this mold base grime. This will mix with the clothes and produce rust stains.

First, wipe the gaskets nicely and easily with white vinegar. Now clean the door and inside of the detergent drawer using vinegar and spray it all over the wash drum. Add some distilled vinegar to the drawer and run the maintenance cycle.

How to Get Black Pits Out of Clothing?

After the real problem is identified and fixed now you can wash your stained clothes again. The washing machine will remove the black spot it gave. Here is the procedure for cleaning black spots out of clothing that came from the washing machine:

  1. Load the machine washer with perfect load and distilled white vinegar with them and set the regular wash cycle on the washing machine.
  2. Add 1/2 cup of white vinegar to the fabric softener drawer. If the black stain is already dried vinegar might not work. You will have to add oxygen bleach for the operation. But remember not to use oxygen bleach with white vinegar as it can ruin your garments.
  3. Now start the cycle and wait till it finishes. Get them out and search for if there are any stains on your clothes. They should be perfectly clean and ready for regular drying.

Final Words

Before washing black spots, you need to find the reason. If the problem is still there unfixed no matter how hard you try you will keep getting black pits on your clothes. So, try to solve the base issue as soon as possible. Then you can start the mess your machine gave your clothes.

In this article, we covered the reasons behind black pits and their solution. You can also clean the black pits from your clothes by following the description in the article. This will put an end to the black pit problem of your washing machine.

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