How To Avoid And Remove Heat Press Marks On Cotton Fabric

There have some things that we have to keep in mind while printing cotton fabrics. The heat press machine has a heavy metal plate and high temperature. That would create remarkable stains on fabrics. Cotton fabrics contain natural fiber, and natural fibers give a response to pressure to fold each other.

Synthetic fibers materials such as polyester, nylon, and acrylic have a special property like slipperiness. But cotton fabrics are different. They contain shrinkage, carry marks, and the cotton fabric has a high breaking point, so can be folded down strongly.

How To Avoid And Remove Heat Press Marks On Cotton Fabric

How To Avoid Heat Press Marks On Cotton Fabric

Some steps that may help you to avoid the heat press marks are given below:

1. Give a heat transfer paper on your cotton fabric

Before starting printing or pressing cotton fabric, you can put a sheet of paper for transferring heat. Then that would help you to give an even surface on cotton fabric.

2. Give preheat on cotton fabric before printing

Your cotton fabric can gain some weight by absorbing water from the environment. It produces shrinkage and mark problems.

3. Cover heat pressing the edge

Most of the cases, the pressing metal edges are responsible for the press mark. If you cover the edge with soft foam or rubber. That will protect your fabrics from heat marks.

How Can I Remove Heat Press Mark From My Cotton Fabric

How To Remove Heat Press Mark On Cotton Fabric

Heat pressing mark is one of the basic limitations of using a heat press machine. Once the heat press causes heat fold or pressure marks in your fabric, you have to eliminate that before printing. Again, sometime while printing the fabric might be affected by pressing marks.

This article will give you 3 solutions for removing the pressing mark of the heat press.

1. Ironing Method to Remove Heat Press Mark

After finishing the printing from the vinyl heat-press, if the fabric contains a shrink mark, then wait and give some time to rest the printing onto the fabric. Now, use a lite paper on the fabric and give an iron slowly and carefully on the marked surface.

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2. Washing Method to Remove Mark Form Cotton Made Cloth

For raw or printed bulk-size fabric, if you need to remove a large amount of mark, it is better to give a water wash to the fabric. Just with normal temperature water might help you to wash, then give an iron onto the dry surface of the fabric

3. Tension Method

If the fabric is not in a position to have ironed or wash again, give a tension treatment to your fabric. Use clips from both edges of the fabric to give the required tension pressure horizontally, it will remove the folded or press mark of your cotton garments.


Press mark is a very common criterion that could happen easily on your cotton garment. In fact, that’s not a major issue, it can be avoidable and removable as well. Basic load or heat principal methods are enough as the solution to this problem.

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