How to Attach Fabrics Without Sewing: 6 No-Sew Methods

Sometimes we need to sew our old clothes or used clothes for some reason. These reasons are for personal or some necessary decoration of customization.

If you are still wondering how to attach fabric without stitching then this article is for you.

Attach with glue adhesive from an external way and then give iron with perfect pressure will give you the best experience of using equipment of avoiding stitch for attaching fabrics. Though it’s a crafty way still stitch witchery with fusible web, tape, and adhesive is the best solution for that.

In today’s article, I will tell you in 6 different ways how clothes or fabrics and designs can do without sewing.

Not only can we attach clothes through sewing but we can also work on clothes without sewing. This type of attachment is done to bring extra decoration or to bring a variety of clothes.

But many of us don’t know how to touch fabric without sewing very well. On the other hand, if you are not proficient in crafty hands then you have to take different approaches.

6 Alternative ways to attach fabrics without sewing

You know only about your own clothes is what kind of change you want to bring. In some cases, you can bring about a permanent change.

However, in most cases, the change in the attach associated with an external change is temporary for clothes. From the clothes you wear to other clothes that are not yet made into garments, you can make such changes.

1. Use fabric glue

Fabrics are an important alternative to sewing without sewing. Some fabric glues are stable enough to be washed after drying due to the presence of glue.

It is also called a kind of fabric witchery. The witchery fabric is a craft means to do work inside or outside the fabric in any way and here only external glue is meant in the fabric, are using is fabric glue.

Use Fabric Glue to Attach Fabrics Without Sewing

There are two extraordinary ways of connecting texture without sewing: texture stick or a fusible holding tape like Dritz stitch witchery.

Assuming that you have a sewing machine, sewing is much of the time still the quickest and most dependable technique for some tasks, yet texture paste or stitch witchery is an incredible other option.

Fabric glue stays on even after five to six times at normal temperatures after drying. Again, glue from hot glue gun are melting easily onto the fabric surface. After reducing temperature

You can glue the hem, bottom-up, and cuffs of your garments. Glue can also be used on delicate fabric if there is not too much tension.

Note: Be aware of the moisture area of the fabric. Don’t use glue or liquid adhesive on the fabric.

You may love to check out our how to use a handheld sewing machine article as an alternative way well.

2. Use a fusible tape

You will find different types of fusible tape in the market. For that reason, you have to select your fusion by type of your fabric.

Use a fusible tape to Attach Fabrics Without Sewing

It turned out that you used very heavy fusible tape with a thin cloth so that the shape of your clothes will not be right and even a part will become heavier. A fuse tip can be used by attaching it to both sides of the cloth.

Whether it is a thin cloth or a heavy cloth, it is always best to use a thin fusible tape. Hold the pieces of tape directly over the cloth.

3. Stitch witchery to Attach Fabrics Without Sewing

Stitch witchery is a craft through which you can sew and attach clothes without sewing. Different colors of tape can be used depending on the color and variety of the fabric.

A variety of soft fabrics that are easily damaged can also be used for a long time,  so stitch witchery will give the proxy to decorate those parts.

Use Stitch witchery to Attach Fabrics Without Sewing

Join Witchery comes in different widths from 1/4″ to 2″ and a few loads from ultra-lightweight to heavier weight. It’s machine launderable and can be laundered.

Cotton and different textures that can endure medium to high intensity are ideal to use with the holding tape.

4. Fusible adhesive for fabric attachment

Usually, the top fabric of your garments needs to decorate more or attachment of adhesive. In addition to the various small and large designs of fabric, you can do other types of external plastic or customized designs.

Place an adhesive paper on top of the fabric of your garment and arrange it well to give a heat press. Choose a heat press or iron machine to suit your fabric.

fusible adhesive

This is usually done on a thin cloth with a fusion address, so use a home iron machine for personal use. You can use a fusible adhesive spray on two or more delicate fabrics.

The fibers in delicate fabrics are soft and need to be sprayed. But ordinary fusible adhesive tape is used in the middle of the two fabrics as both-sided tape.

If the fusible adhesive paper required a hot temperature, rub it with low pressure with the help of an iron machine.

5. Fusible web for fabric adjusting

Fabric without sewing is a very popular solution in that case fusible web. Insert it in the middle of two fabrics and heat with an iron. The adhesives and fibers used inside the fusing web are temperature sensitive.

Fusible web is accessible in rolls, like tape, in different widths, by the yard in the communicating branch of most texture stores, and in pre-bundled pieces anyplace that sells sewing thoughts.

Fusible web use preparation

This is a huge substitute for fabric attachment without sewing fabric to give attachment. Fusible is usually made of paper. One-sided tape and both-sided tape are available in the commercial market.

It is possible to drive the fusible web onto the hand seam or on the fabric machine seam. The woven or knit fabric can be repaired using small holes or mending hems in the fabric.

6. Use embroidery design between two parts of the fabric

The embroidery design is one of the decorative methods. External Fabric Embroidery Design We can attach the fabric with the help of embroidery adhesive spray.

Embroidery designs can be placed on top of the same fabric or embroidered designs can be made using glue between two fabrics in such a way that it is not sewn.

Use embroidery

It relies on the stage of a handicraft with which we can attach clothes in addition to sewing. However, in this case, the ironing and finishing party is run with extra care.

Even though sewing out your weaving plans on felt to appreciate your work is fun, it is significantly more pleasurable to join out your weaving plans with an end goal in mind.

Note: Make sure your embroidery design isn’t heated sensitive and also stiff enough to hold two parts of the fabric. Avoid the weakest part of the fabric to attach with embroidery design, but a mild weak portion is preferable.

In any case, on the off chance that you don’t have the foggiest idea of what textures to use for your weaving, how might you make something both outwardly lovely and practical. Fortunately, this weaving texture guide is here to help.


Fabrics are our daily life using components. Sewing stitch is a basic necessity for attaching fabrics, but adhesive plays an important role to avoid thread to sew fabrics. In case of folded age, hem, fabric edge attaching for decoration with external fabric. You can use a scissor to trim the excessive adhesive paper part of the fusible web and fabrics part.

Hope those techniques and methods will help you to solve your problem of attaching fabric without sewing or without using a needle.

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